Did you know that Handee paper towels are sustainably made?

Making Positive Impact

Our strategic supply partnership with the world's largest pulp and paper company helps us manage and maintain a vertically integrated business model that provides you with the economic and quality benefits of efficient and responsibly managed business operations. Our paper towels are made through an innovative process that reduces waste and helps to conserve resources.

We understand that customers like you care about the environment and want to make a positive impact with your purchasing choices. That's why we're proud to uphold a strict zero-deforestation policy.

With Handee, you can clean up messes while also making a positive impact on the planet.

Our Sustainability Commitment for Australia

  • PEFC Certified

    PEFC promotes the use of wood and wood products from credibly certified, independently verified, sustainably managed sources believing that both PEFC and FSC provide equivalent sustainability assurances. We aim to ensure our customers that 100% of our raw materials are PEFC CoC-certified or non-controversial sources under PEFC guidelines.  

  • Dispersible & Biodegradable

    We acknowledge our consumer's concern regarding domestic waste to the environment. Therefore, we are dedicated to protecting our nature and implementing biodegradable product innovation to make significant positive impact on the world. Handee is certified home compostable, helping to reduce waste in landfill.

  • Sustainably Resourced 

    Handee ensures that its product is made from 100% virgin pulp, a naturally produced pulp that directly sources from highly selected woods that gather from responsible sources, certified by PEFC. Likewise, we strive to produce in a responsible and sustainable manner. We source fibre responsibly and strive to minimise waste, water consumption, and energy consumption.